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Meet The Artiste

the neon artiste
Bill Buth, Artiste

Bill has been designing and making neon art for almost 30 years. The 'Portfolio' section of this
website highlights a small segment of his total body of work. Based in Arizona,
Bill is a self-taught neon glassbender. Prior to working in neon, he was an accomplished
glass artist, working in stained glass and sand-carved glass.

'Neon is a truly unique art form; it involves shaping a linear, colored, light source.
The permutations of shape, and the combination of colors make for limitless possibilities.'

Today, Bill runs Desert Neon LLC, which fabricates all of the neon you see on this
web site. Bill designs everything, and personally 'bends' most of the neon glass. Some of the
most popular pieces are available through this website, but he encourages visitors to contact
him for custom design work. Bill has created unique neon art pieces for homes and businesses
throughout the United States and beyond.

Bill has won several awards in national competitions for his design work.
Today, he rarely exhibits work outside of what you see on this website,
but in the past has shown in numerous venues throughout the US.

line of balls
I have moved all sales to my Etsy site.
Please GO THERE NOW! by clicking on this link:

line of balls

Bill also designs decorative art.
Many of his designs are licensed by third party manufacturers,
and are available for sale at retail outlets throughout the US.
You can see a sampling of his design work on his YouTube Channel:
Click here for Bill's YouTube Channel

Here's a sample:

If you are interested in having Bill design something for you,
call him at 520-409-2090, or email at the link below.

You can see even more designs at: bill's carnival of art

But wait! There's more!
Bill is also an accomplished photographer. You can see
his work at this site.
(click on image to go there)

   las vegas photos

To contact Bill about creating some neon for you,
go here... create for you

or, send him e-mail email
or call 520-409-2090.

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