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Following are unsolicited comments from clients:
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Hey Bill!
Got the Sign... IT'S AWESOME DUDE!
See you on the radio!!!
Big Wave Dave (Los Angeles 7/2014)

What a wonderful product!
Beautiful box and workmanship,
I'm keepin you around for referral.
We love you! Thanks. Eileen (Orem, UT 7/2014)

Love it [custom neon for commercial bar].
Thanks so much! Lori (Nashville 4/2014)

'Tatjana' neon arrived and is hung up now.
Looks great, Thanks Cliff (Phoenix 4/2014)

Hey Bill,
The flamingo saga is over.
Last night I took it over to Bro's house and
set it up in its stand. Gorgeous piece.
It was going to go out to their
vacation cottage but they decided that it was too nice for that so it
now has a prominent place in the family room.
Well done.
Thanks, John (Tennessee 2/2014)

We got the cats yesterday
- thanks! We really like these 2 pieces.
Rem (Mineapolis 12/2013)

Hi Bill,
We did receive from UPS fri
Unwrapped it
It looks great.
My son will be so happy
Thanks Patty B (Lakeport, CA 12/2013)

Hey Bill,
We received the sculpture.
It looks FANTASTIC!.
Thank you for such a quick turnaround.
Cheers, Candace (Montreal 12/2013)

Though this is a bit belated,
I wanted to thank you for the custom Miami Stan flamingos.
We just set them up today and we all think they are terrific…
people kept coming by to look at them all day.
I am sure the one we take to the event will be a big hit, too!
Thank you, again.
Regards, Susan E.,
Creative Services Manager (Orlando 10/2013)

Hi Bill,
I just got home from work and
unpacked the 'Yes' neon piece to take a look at it.
It is even better than I expected!
You did an amazing job - it's absolutely perfect!
Thank you again for the beautiful work and a wonderful piece of art!
-Best Regards, Susan Wrobel (Boston 7/2013)

Thank You!!
[Jewerly Store Display]
Stephan (New York, NY 7/2013)

Hey there,
received the neon cat and it is amazing...thanks again for your great work.
I have already had a couple people ask me how they could get one.
I told them I would give them your name...
so hopefully you can get more West Coast business.
Thanks again,
Susan (San Francisco 7/2013) [repeat customer]

Thank you so much!
The sign is absolutely amazing.
My 12 year old daughter said "That's kick ass"!
This will be a wonderful x-mas gift for my husband.
Have a great holiday,
Lisa (New York 12/2012)

The two packages arrived safely Friday afternoon and were immediately opened,
assembled, and placed on a little stand in our front window...
You did an excellent job. The shape, size, and colors are all as we had hoped.
Connie is very happy with the result (as am I).
Thank you for your workmanship and super customer service.
Hal and Connie (Florida 10/2012)

Hey there,
received the thought bubble [neon piece] and really really love it.
thanks so much!
s (San Francisco 10/2012)

Bill, the cactus came today and it's perfect, thanks!
Kate (Michigan 8/2012)

Dear Bill, we received our neon cat and I surprised my wife with it on her 25th work anniversary...
she loves it.....her next words were, what else they got?
Bob (DC 6/2012)

We absolutely love our neon cat! Its so cool.
In addition to the art itself,
we were very impressed with the customer service and
personalized attention we received. I highly recommend this company.
Julie (Indianapolis 2/2012)

Neon Cat's younger sibling arrived the other night,
safe and sound, and just as delightful as its older brother.
Laura (Memphis 2011)

Bill, the piece came out PERFECT.
Thank you so so much!!
I will certainly keep you in mind for the future
as well as pass your information along to others.
Stephanie (Ohio 2011)

...the [neon] cat was perfect!
Thanks for all your help!
Sincerely, Fran P., (Florida, 2011)

Bill, I got the lettering today.
Looks good, thank you.
Marc (California 2011)

My neon Kitty Kat just arrived!!!!!!!
I love it so much!!!
I will be ordering more of your glorious works of art in the future!
Thank you! Mrs. Jan S. :-) (Washington State, 12/2010)

Thank you so much, Bill!
My glam purple kat just arrived, and she is absolutely darling!!!
Your new packing strategy worked like a dream!!
Thank you again for your magnificent artistry!!!
I will definitely be a returning customer...again!!
[2nd neon 'Kat' created for the same client]
Sincerely,Mrs. Jan S. :-) (Washington State, 1/2011)

Hi Bill,
the neon [name] is beautiful,
thank you so much for your great work!!
Regards, Natascha, Los Angeles, CA 10/2010

Dear Bill,
Got them! The packing was amazing. The instructions could not have
been clearer. The pieces are beautiful! I did not expect the Doodle to
be so pale and delicate. The Droopy Moon is a hoot! I didn't realize
it would be as large as it is. It is so cool, lighted or unlighted.
You do pretty work. Thanks!
Scott S., Reno, NV 10/2010

Just wanted to let you know I received the sign and it looks great.
I got it over to the account and they are very happy
with it as well. Great work!
Should we have neon needs in the future, I'll be in touch.
Tyler, Monroe, WI 7/2010

I'm sure glad I found you! I had been trying to work
with a guy here locally and the difference in
service and professionalism is just amazing!
Thanks again for all of your help!
Mary, Southfield, MI 7/2010

Hi Bill. Happy to report that the neon arrived in
one piece yesterday.
The sign looks great!
Mark, Portland, OR 6/2010

Bill, thanks for the great neon!
All items have been received and are functioning properly.
Once again, thanks a lot!
Pete, Los Angeles, CA 6/2010

The piece is beautiful [5 letter neon name]
she [my daughter] will love it.
-Dennise, Chicago

I received the piece and it's great [custom neon name].
Thanks, Bill!
Again, the piece is beyond what I'd expected.
It's just lovely.
April R., Charlotteville, VA

palm arrived- it looks great-
- Dave E., Baltimore, MD

Bill....... The Kokopelli arrived yesterday
and although it was a Christmas gift,
my wife wanted to open it right away.
We did, and it's a total success.
Thanks for getting it to me so promptly.
-Eric, CA

Hi Bill.
I received the sign last night.
It arrived in perfect condition. I love it!
I am very pleased that you created this work of art
--so in keeping with my gallery!
Thank you.
-Victoria, Daisy Lake Art Gallery, Dexter, MI

Hi Bill,
[They] delivered the neon daisy about a half hour ago.
It was packed perfectly, and arrived in pristine condition.
You did a great job with the asymmetric free-form design,
and I just love it. The colors are brilliant,
and it makes me smile just to look at it.
Thank you for your consideration and professionalism
in dealing with my order throughout the entire process.
I'm absolutely delighted!
Feel free to use my name as a completely satisfied customer
and reference on your future artistic creations.
-Bob H., St. George, UT

Bill, received the Kokopelli in fine shape today,
and unpacked/set up without incident.
It is BEAUTIFUL ! We are very pleased !
There are not many things in life where you can say,
"it's everything I hoped it would be, and MORE."
This piece of art is one of those things for me.
-David G.

Bill~ The piece arrived today.
Woohoo. I checked it out that everything is fine.
Once again, thank you. Enjoy the holidays.
~Sylvia, San Antonio, TX

Hi, Bill. The neon arrived intact.
Thanks for your help with this.
-Mary Ann, Oregon

Bill, Just hung it [neon mirror];
looks great. Thanks.
-Jim, Reno, NV

hi Bill
just a note to let you know that the neons arrived safely!
they are great!!
thanks again for all!
best, Ron

Hi Bill,
Both pieces arrived safely today.
[neon Santa]
It looks great. Thanks very much!
-John, TX

Bill, the light arrived today and everything is working.
I am attaching a picture for you.
Thanks so much for all of your help with this.
[Y]ou did a great job of working with us to get what we wanted.

I received the piece in good order,
and I'm *very* pleased with it.
Thanks for the high quality work,
and the excellent packing job.

Bill, We love the parrot neon.
-Reo G., Vernonia, OR

Hello, just wanted to let you know that
I received the kokopelli and it is GREAT.
-Jason, OR

I love it.
I may do more neon in the future.
-Dana S., San Francisco, CA

We plugged in the new [sign] and she's a beauty.
thank you bill.
Susan F., Tombstone, AZ

I recently ordered Your "Deco Face" piece and Love It.
It arrived today in its impeccable packaging! Thanks!
-John W., Texas

Thanks Bill,
I love my sign.
Sandy, A Tanning Place, Glendale, WI

Hi Bill,
My husband LOVES his new artwork!!!
Diane, New Jersey

Bill, the light arrived today and everything is working.
Thanks so much for all of your help with this.
We were so disappointed when the last one [made by someone else]
we had broke, and you did a great job of
working with us to get what we wanted.
Jeanie, California

Bill - [the neon] Elmo arrived in good shape
- looks great. Thanks again!
Bob, New England

Dear Bill, My [neon] lips look gorgeous!
Thank you.
Kathleen G. - St. Louis, MO
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Hi Bill, just wanted to drop you a note
and let you know everything arrived GREAT!
I am sure I'll be getting more things from you soon!
Thanks for everything,
Simon - Pensacola Beach, FL

I am so thrilled and happy with the sign...
You did such a wonderful job...
Thanks again for helping me out.
Kathleen, Owner, Salon Dior,
14023 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin, WI

Hi Bill,
Parrot arrived in perfect shape...brilliant packing job!
My son is thrilled...
Because your packing is so incredible,
I'm quite certain we can safely get this
neon gem up to my son's school in the car.
Great job! So so many thanks.
Louise - Texas

"He's perfect, exactly what we were hoping he'd be. [Kokopelli]
Great work. We'll show him off -- you never know,
there could be more orders coming your way.
Thanks" Rob - Tucson

"...the other tube arrived and all's working well
and looks great!
Thank you for your do-diligence!" [neon christmas trees]
Jonathan - Miami

We received the sign on Friday in perfect working order just as you
described. It is great! Thank you so much for the well packed shipping and
assistance throughout this transaction. I will tell others about your
business and the great art pieces you make and sell!
Thanks again, Rich & Kathie - Cave Creek, Arizona

"Wow Bill, I can't believe it. Parrot just arrived in perfect shape.
Those cheap Web-purchased Made-in-China neon sculptures
used to arrive broken occasionally.
But I see that you packaged yours so well,
would have been difficult for it to break.
Thanks for doing such a good job.
Parrot is really beautiful of course, and brilliant.
And I even love the gorgeous black ceramic base,
looks rather elegant. It's a pretty design as well."
Sinclair - California

"Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know the sign turned out GREAT!
Were very pleased. Thanks for your flexibility and making our changes."
Karen - Wisconsin

"Hi Bill,
Just thought I would let you know that I am really pleased
with the two neons that you made for me.."
Bruce D., Heritage Pizza, Lockport, Illinois

hi Bill
just a note to let you know that the neons arrived safely!
they are great!!
thanks again for all!
Ron, Illinois

"I got them last night- [neon tables]
They are FABULOUS, thanks so much.
Thanks again for everything,
I'm raving to all my friends about your work!"
Allyson - Washington, D.C.

"Got the light... [diamond]
looks great at nite..
thanks, Rick" - Illinois

"We recieved the piece, and it is working beautifully!!!!
[blue moon] Thank you so much! My husband loves it.
Thank you once again for your beautiful work!"

"dear bill,
i would like to inform you that i just
absolutly adore your brilliant art work.
The neon lights and colours choosen really
capture the mood of your work...
its truly inspiring...keep up the breathtaking work!"
- Meg, a .true. fan

"I love leg in the frame. She's great. tx much."

"hey bill - i just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME
neon piece of the '66 impala - it was a wonderful
experience working with you (you just never know on
the internet!). you were helpful and friendly and so
was your shipping guy - the piece arrived intact and
ready to go and my honey can't shut up about it! i
truly think this is his most favorite present ever,
and he's 61!!! all my thanks and appreciation" -
-Michelle, Washington

"Dear Bill, If the mark of a great sign maker is instant
understanding of a product, then you my dear are a true master!
We had the diamond in the window less than 24 hours,
when we heard the first "I saw the diamond in the window,
I had no idea this was a jewelry store".
Everyday since, someone stops in and says,
"I have been wondering what was in here, I drive by all the time".
At night, the blue of the light,
lights up our shop with an almost alien type glow.
In the darkness of the countryside (we have no street lights near us)
the glow can be seen from 8/10 of a mile away.
We have been in our new location for a year,
and due to trouble getting a building code variance,
people have had difficulty seeing our sign.
Now thanks to you, great neon wizard, signage is no longer a problem.
In fact last week we were having dinner in a local pub.
Two different people heard that we had a jewelry store,
and each asked us seperately, "You own that place with the blue diamond?".
Never mind eighteen years hard work in this business to build a reputation, YES!
We are the folks with the blue diamond!
Thanks for your artistry and skill. You are the Master!"
Jo - Wisconsin

"Hello Bill, The [Ice Show] table arrived on Friday and it is beautiful.
I wanted to thank you for producing such a nice piece.
Best wishes, G." - Palm Springs

"Mr. Buth, My neon [kokopelli] arrived today and it is wonderful!
My wife and I are delighted."
John - Zionsville, IN

You've outdone yourself. The sign is just great.
Jim hung it last night and when we went
outside and stood in the parking lot
I jumped up and down it looks so great.
Thank for all your creative efforts and expert workmanship.
We have some more ideas for the salon using neon that we will be
in touch with you about soon. Thanks again Bill!"
-Cindy - Milwaukee

"...really happy with the [neon] sign
and Las Vegas art poster.
You'll see us again for sure. Thanks again."
- Dave B.

Charlene - Milwaukee

"Bill, I have the pepper up and operating in place.
It is a perfect out come of what I had envisioned.
I am a photographer and will send you some pix when
I get back in a couple of weeks.
btw - I originally got your web site from a Washington Post article,
Use me as a reference anytime.
Very pleased" - Chaz

WOW! We couldn't be more pleased with our light!
Everything showed up fine and we will surely recommend
you to our colleagues in the local brewing scene.
I will most likely be ordering a [another]
light from you some time in December.
Thanks for the fast, professional service.
-John K., The Alchemist Pub & Brewery, Waterbury, VT

Bill, We received our "Masterpiece" today.
I want to let you know how perfect we think it is!
My husband (this very minute) is installing
the outlet behind where it will hang.
Once done, we can take a picture to
show you how beautiful it looks.
In any case, wanted to say "Thanks so much".
This is a jewel, she's beautiful, and better than I had imagined.
Also - Thanks for the certificate - Very nice touch.
-Kind Regards, Dave & Linda, Brea, CA

"...we love our sign.
We have gotten many compliments
and have achieved the higher visibility desired."
-Laurence S., Carenza Hair Design, Milwaukee

"Thank you- it is gratifying to meet someone
dedicated to doing a great job.
We are very pleased with your creative work of art"
- Lana C., Face Place Studio

"Great job!" - Nancy W., Fantasy Flowers

"Very prompt service. Very nice people"
- Donna F., Pretty Lady Boutique

"Your people have gone 'above and beyond' in the service area.
Thank you very much."
- Rosemary, Owner, Attractions Nightclub

"You gave us exactly what we wanted...
did an excellent job re-creating our logo."
- Marcus Productions

"We were quite pleased with the work."
-Apollo Constructon Company

"the response to the neon has been very positive and worthwhile".
- Rick Zarling, The Endzone

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