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not satisfied with your job?

You can download the first part of Bill's comprehensive neon instruction book.

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Click on Purple Button below to
download the first part of my neon book here:
(Big 18mb PDF file will open in a new window)

If you want to comment on my book, send an email:
email Or call Bill at: 520-409-2090.

You can tweet Bill at:

Interested in other neon instruction books that Bill recommends?
Although there have been several written, Bill thinks that one of the best is
"Neon Techniques" by Wayne Strattman. It gives a lot of practical information
about setting up a neon plant, glassbending, and even some of the history and science of Neon.
You should be able to pick up a copy on Amazon, among other places.

For more advanced neon people, Bill recommends
"The Neon Engineers Notebook", by Crook and Fishman.
It's available through their website at

And then there's the original, the 1930's neon 'bible', which is still relevant today,
"Neon Techniques and Handling", by Samuel Miller. I learned neon from it, as could you,
along with some more contemporary information. It's out of print, but you can find it on
eBay, as well as in second hand bookstores.

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