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Ordering Information

The best way to order is to call: 520-409-2090. Or, if you prefer to order online, please go to my
Etsy Store, which you can access by clicking on the banner just below. You don't need to set up an account.

call 520-409-2090

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Most items ship Fedex or UPS Ground Service,
IMPORTANT: If you have any concerns about shipping or handling neon,
please see our 'Neon Facts' page regarding shipping and packaging BEFORE ordering.

Because Desert Neon LLC has no control over its products
once they leave our production facility, it is up to the recipient
to ensure that the product is installed and/or used in a way that conforms to all
applicable codes, laws, ordinances, and any other authority having jurisdiction.
If you are unsure of this, we suggest that you
investigate prior to ordering and/or purchasing.

If you are ordering a sign for your business, please be aware that some
communities may require that electric signs be 'listed'. ('Listed' means that the
sign as a complete product has been 'approved' by a listing agency such as
UL, CSA, etc.) Although most of the components we use in our signs (and all
of our other products) are listed, none of the signs we sell on this web site
are listed as a complete product. This has nothing to do with the inherent
safety of our products; it is cost-prohibitive to 'list' the one-of-a-kind pieces we create.
Again, it is up to you to determine
if listing will be a requirement in your community. (This mostly concerns signs used
for advertising businesses.) While we have a warranty on all
of our work, we cannot, because of the custom nature of our signs, issue refunds
or credit for signs because they don't meet the local requirements in your area.
And, because of the thousands of localities in this country, each with its own
particular codes and ordinances, there is no way we can determine for you what your
locality will require. Again, we stress that you investigate this prior to ordering.

For more information on neon in general, and
neon safety in particular, please click on the link
below to see our 'Neon Facts' page.

Your order is guaranteed to arrive undamaged,
or we will replace for free*, including shipping costs.
We pride ourselves on our packaging. Despite the fragility of neon glass,
we have an excellent shipping record.
*Important: We must be notified of any damage within 3 days of delivery.
In the unlikely event your item should arrive broken, please contact us immediately,
so that we can get you a replacement piece, and initiate an insurance claim.
Check out our 'Feedback' page for customer comments regarding our packing and shipping.
for Feedback Page.

Special Orders
ALL of the pieces you see on this web site are HAND MADE....
If you order the exact item you see,
there may be slight variations in the piece you actually receive.
Also, if we provide scale drawings for you, note that the actual
neon may vary slightly from the drawing; this is because it is
virtually impossible to reproduce a drawing exactly in neon.

This adds to the value, as you have a one-of-a-kind art piece.
Most pieces are SIGNED and NUMBERED by the ARTIST,
or are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity,
which is signed and numbered by the Artist.
If you wish to order a piece shown,
but in a different neon color,
there usually is no additional cost.
If you wish to change the dimensions,
there may or may not be an additional charge.
NOTE: Because of the hand made nature of neon,
all dimensions given are approximate!

Please note that neon is very difficult to photograph,
especially color accuracy. If you are trying to match an existing
color and are using the photos on this web site as a guide,
we urge you to call us first, so that you are not dissappointed!

Glass Tops: All tables with glass tops are
shipped with that glass top included.
If you wish a different size,
or heavier glass, or beveled glass, etc.,
there may be an additional charge. Or there may not be.

Lead Times
Because ALL of the pieces shown on this website are made by us,
in our own neon plant in the United States, and because of the
number of 'stock' items we offer,
MOST pieces will be made at the time of ordering.
So most of the items on this website with the
'Add To Cart' or 'Buy Now' button ship within 3-15 business days.
This time frame is listed on the web page where the piece is offered.
Custom pieces, as described above, are all hand made,
and most are made to order. Depending on the piece(s),
lead times may be from 1-6 weeks for custom work.
We will estimate lead time when you order.

Click Here For Warranty

Because we are continually adding to our repertoire,
the web site you are on is our catalog.
When we create new items, they are quickly uploaded.
Feel free to call us at 520-409-2090 if you have an inquiry.

NOTE: Because of the unique nature of the items we create
and sell, unless we indicate otherwise IN WRITING,
We do offer full credit towards the purchase of
another item, less shipping, with some exceptions, notably custom pieces;
please call 520-409-2090 for details.

Neon Safety

Neon is not meant for children.
Neon can be made as safe as any other electric appliance, such as a lamp or radio.
The safety is really determined by the type and quality of the components used,
the procedures used to assemble those components, the skill of the persons
assembling the neon, and of course, the final user of the neon.
AND, like any other electric household appliance, neon is not meant for children,
or anyone else that doesn't have the capacity to handle it in a responsible fashion.
It must be realized that neon art, signs, etc., incorporate two potentially dangerous
elements: 1) glass, and 2) electricity. None of the items offered for sale on this web
site are meant to be used as toys.
Also, some, but not all, neon tubes contain a relatively tiny amount of mercury.
Mercury is necessary to create some of the neon colors.
The amount of mercury in a typical neon tube is comparable to that
in a commercially available flourescent 'bulb' you may purchase
at your local hardware outlet or home center, such as Home Depot or Kmart,
and use in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement light fixture.
Any discarded neon tube that contains mercury should be treated in
the same way you would discard a flourescent tube. You may want to check
with your local recycling center about the proper disposal in your area.


We do offer some neon components for sale, such as tubes, power supplies, etc.,
to qualified assemblers, preferably having training and/or experience in neon assembly.
However, we strongly recommend that any component we sell be used in a safe way,
observing all recommended and/or required installation and/or assembly techniques,
and because of that, we cannot be responsible for any individual neon components, or
group or assembly of components after they leave our plant.
Furthermore, because these components are out of our control after they leave our plant,
other than a basic guarantee that the components we sell will function as we describe,
we DO NOT guarantee that they will fulfill or be suitable for any other purpose or function.
We strongly advise that you investigate all pertinent regulations, codes, etc., in your
area before you order.

If you would like information on purchasing neon components, please email us at the link below,
or call us: 520-409-2090.

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