neon signs for sale

Looking for an economical way to advertise your business?
A neon window sign can be the most cost-effective way to bring in new customers.

OR, if you just want some cool neon to hang on your wall...

Below is just a sample of
of the Neon Signs we make!

click on the thumbnails for more information...

neon sign
Sorry We're Open
neon open sign
Open Sign with Lips
neon open sign
Funky Open Sign
neon open sign
Open Sign
neon open sign
Open Sign with Paw
neon sign
'Pet Grooming' neon sign
neon poker sign
Poker Sign
neon abierto sign
Abierto Sign
neon coffee shop sign
Coffee Shop Sign
neon coffee shop sign
'Horse Power' Cafe

To see more of the signs we have made in the past

Look around town and you will see that neon window signs draw the eye as no other
sign can. The bright colors and vivid imagery make them irresistable. A well made
neon sign will last 5 years, if not more. If you divide the initial cost of the sign
over 5 years, you will see that you can have continuous, 24 hour advertising that
will cost you less than couple of hundred dollars per YEAR. Compare that to any other kind
of advertising. And a neon sign is extremely inexpensive to operate.
Since neon is a very efficient light source, it costs literally pennies a
day of electricity to operate. You can't get 'greener' than that!

All of the neon signs listed above are
complete window signs, with integral power supplies.
They are prewired, and come with a 6 foot long power cord, and
on-off switch. The neon tubes are mounted to a clear, textured rigid plastic backing,
or a black opaque plastic backing (your choice).
Easy to install, they merely hang in your window with included hardware,
and plug into a standard outlet.

-PLEASE NOTE: Although we use UL listed components in all of our signs,
NONE of our completed signs are UL listed as complete assemblies.
Because of the one-off nature of our products, it is economically
impossible to do so. If you are going to use one of our signs
in a business, in an area where 'listed' signs only are allowed,
do not order one of our signs,
because they will not meet this requirement,
and, we have no refunds on custom work.
Please see our 'ORDER INFO' page for more on this.

Most items ship within 5-15 business days of order.


Looking for a custom neon sign?

We make lots of custom neon signs!

ALL of these pieces are made by hand, one at a time, from real neon glass
by skilled neon glassbenders, right here in the United States.
With proper care, these pieces will last many years with no maintenance at all.
NOTE: Because of the hand made nature of neon,
all dimensions given are approximate!

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